Grapefruit’s Patented Time Release THC Patchless Patch™ Topical Cream

Grapefruit’s unique Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) time-release topical delivery system is a game changer. THC and other cannabinoids are not easily absorbable through the skin – a problem that we’ve solved. Our delivery system uses patented nanosized particles to deliver—in a sustained and controlled manner—THC through skin topical administration.

Grapefruit’s THC Patchless Patch™ Topical Cream effectively lodges in the top layer of the skin, forming a patch-like layer. The topical cream then releases a specific hourly dose of THC over an 8-10 hour period, before sloughing off along with the dead skin cells that comprise the top layer of skin. Hence, the reason our topical is referred to as a Patchless Patch™.

Grapefruit’s THC Patchless Patch™ is designed to deliver 10 to 30 milligrams of THC per hour, depending one’s individual needs and circumstances. Grapefruit developed this innovative product to help those who suffer from aliments ranging from anxiety, chronic pain and sports injuries to those undergoing chemotherapy treatment or dealing with end of life issues. We also envision that Grapefruit’s THC Patchless Patch™ can be used in place of opioids for pain management preventing thousands of deaths annually caused by unnecessary opioid overdoses.

Grapefruit’s THC Patchless Patch™ also has a significant role to play in the recreational cannabis marketplace and that product line will be tailored to meet the specific requirements for the recreational cannabis user. 

Grapefruit’s THC Patchless Patch™ Test Results