Grapefruit’s Mission

Grapefruit’s motto “A High You Can Trust” embodies our philosophy and ethos that we manufacture, procure and distribute only the highest quality all-natural cannabis Honey Oil, Edibles, flowers, concentrates and related products that are free from pesticides, heavy metals and bacteria. We cater to the Recreational cannabis enthusiast that wants to experience consistent, high quality, cannabis products over and over again.

Grapefruit Distribution

Grapefruit distribution is a premiere distributor of all-things cannabis in California. Our company proudly serves all licensed medicinal and recreational dispensaries from the Coachella Valley to Sacramento. We also serve licensed cannabis event organizers. Our huge inventory of cannabis products can be delivered within 24-hours of an order. Our wholesale distribution arm sources high quality, competitively priced, raw materials for other manufacturers and distributors. Whether its fresh frozen, dry trim, bulk flower or distillate, Grapefruit tailors the transaction to meet the needs of our wholesale clientele.

Founders Personal Experience with Cannabis

Grapefruit Boulevard was founded by two Brothers who have personally experienced the positive medicinal effects of Cannabis in the 1980s. The following is one of the Brothers experience.

Grapefruit is something that I have always dreamed about and am incredibly happy to be a part of. My story with cannabis is very personal. I have experienced the medical benefits that come from cannabis. I know that my suffering was stopped all because of a plant!

In 1987, at the age of 19, my life was forever changed when I was diagnosed a Type 1 Diabetic. I was shocked at the news. I always thought it was normal to be constantly thirsty, tired and fatigued. I spent several days in the hospital learning how to manage my disease. It was very tough at first because I was afraid to give myself injections – many times per day. I eventually overcame my fear and settled into a routine.

My blood sugars were finally under control for the first time in years. I say “years” because looking back on how I felt, I missed all of the signs of having Type 1 Diabetes. There was no Google or WebMd. I was finally able to gain weight for the first time in my life. I went from 179 pounds to 202 pounds in about six months. This may not sound like much, but I happen to be 6 foot 7 inches tall, so you can imagine what I looked like! I was happy. I was working out at a gym. Things were good. Then, the floor fell out from beneath me.

I started to have pains in my stomach. At first, I ignored it for several weeks thinking it would go away on its own. Unfortunately, my stomach pain only got worse and with it came nausea. I felt terrible each and every time I ate anything. My symptoms grew worse in a matter of weeks. I was unable to hold food down and my blood sugars were out of control. After several trips to different doctors, I finally received my new diagnosis. I had Diabetic Gastroparesis. This is a condition where your stomach essentially freezes up and doesn’t empty food from the stomach to the rest of your digestive track. But, I had no clue what this was or why I was lucky enough to have it. All I knew was I was vomiting every time I ate and when I wasn’t eating I was in pain. My stomach had been destroyed. I went from 202 pounds to 159 pounds in less than two months. I was miserable and my mind was taking me to very dark places. Yes, I was seriously depressed. Was this my life? I started taking a powerful steroid to help my stomach function. But, the steroids did not help my stomach pain, severe nausea and depression.

I was literally a few days from being hospitalized. But, the only thing that saved me from my pain and depression was Cannabis. It was a miracle for me. It was the difference between me eating or having to be hospitalized with a feeding tube. I smoked it (this was way before vapes!) at night, just before dinner, and it took away all of my symptoms. I was able to eat and not get immediately sick. It took me almost one full year to recover. I know I would not have made it without the medicinal benefits that come from Cannabis. To this day, I am a proponent of medicinal marijuana because I know from personal experience how important it is in providing help to people who suffer from serious medical conditions. So, I am proud to be a part of Grapefruit Boulevard.


Grapefruit operates in strict compliance with all California State laws governing the distribution of cannabis products. We procure our cannabis products from State Licensed cultivators and manufacturers. We only sell to state licensed dispensaries and cannabis event organizers. We verify through the use of independent testing that all of our products conform to California law regarding pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, and microbiology. Our cannabis business is limited to the State of California and none of our products are ever shipped out of State. For more information, contact us.

Grapefruit Blvd. does not own and is not not affiliated with Coachillin’ Holdings, LLC.  Coachillin Holdings is Grapefruit’s “developer and is a co-member” of the same property association in the Coachillin’ Business Park.   Coachillin’ Holdings, LLC does not engage in the production, manufacturing, planting, cultivation, growing, harvesting, preparation, propagation, compounding, processing, dispensing, delivery, or distribution of any controlled substance.