Hourglass™ Canadian Expansion

Grapefruit is launching its Hourglass™ Time Release THC/CBD delivery cream system, a truly disruptive technology, in Canada. On January 17, 2022, Grapefruit submitted its Notice of New Cannabis Product (“NNCP”) to Health Canada in anticipation of its approval and Grapefruit’s launch of sales of Hourglass technology-based THC and CBD products in Canada in 2022.

Health Canada is the Department of the federal government of Canada responsible for national health policy. It approves and oversees the production of all cannabis products and is the licensing authority for all companies involved in the cannabis industry. Health Canada requires all cannabis products meet federal regulatory requirements before they can be sold in Canada. Under Canada’s Federal Cannabis Regulatory scheme, Health Canada must be notified of a company’s intent to sell a cannabis product that has not previously been sold in the country. Approval of the NNCP is a mandatory prerequisite to the launch of Grapefruit’s Hourglass technology-based products in Canada. Canadians will now be able to enjoy the holistic benefits of THC/CBD without the risks from smoking or ingesting them. 

Hourglass™ Canadian Packaging

The Canadian cannabis packaging regulations are substantially different than the regulations that govern the California market.  In essence, the regulations are the “brown bag” of cannabis packaging. Grapefruit redesigned its Hourglass packaging to fully comply with the Canadian retail market. The redesigned packaging depicted above was submitted with the Grapefruit NNCP application. The final packaging will be substantially similar to what is depicted but, of course, more refined. Canadian users will be the first to apply Hourglass via a pump attachment that dispenses a pre-measured dose of 0.5 grams of topical cream per pump.