Grapefruit’s Patented and Novel
Hourglass™ THC + Cannabinoids
Time Release Topical Delivery Cream

Grapefruit’s unique Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabinoid time-release topical delivery system is a game changer. We’ve harnessed cutting edge science and technology to bring our patented, truly disruptive Hourglass topical cream to the medicinal and recreational marketplace. THC and other cannabinoids are not easily absorbable through the skin – a problem that we’ve solved. Our topical cream uses patented microsized particles to slowly deliver THC and a wide range of cannabinoids through skin topical administration.  We are in a league of our own.  There is no other topical cream product on the market with our patented and novel delivery technology that provides users with the holistic benefits of THC+CBD, CBN, CBG, CBGA, CBDA, THCV and CBE (see below for our most recent Analysis).*

Hourglass™ is a patented, unique and highly concentrated full spectrum topical delivery cream that slowly releases a holistic amount of THC, along with a wide range of cannabinoids (or just CBD).* The formula then comes off through the natural sloughing process of dead skin cells.   


Our cream has fundamentally changed the way individuals use THC and cannabinoids to obtain their holistic benefits.* As a result, smoking cannabis or hemp flowers and orally consuming edibles, which are metabolized in the gut and liver resulting in uneven reactions, are no longer the exclusive ways to receive the holistic benefits of THC and cannabinoids.* Now for the first time in history, there is an effective, easy to use third choice – Hourglass™ by Grapefruit.

Hourglass is a patented, truly disruptive game-changer in the recreational and medicinal cannabis and CBD market given our cream’s extraordinary advantages over traditional methods of consuming cannabis and CBDs.  


*Hourglass is not regulated by the FDA and is not intended for use to cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent disease.  

Hourglass topical cream slowly releases THC plus a wide range of cannabinoids, or just CBDs, into the deep layers of your skin over time, before sloughing off along with the dead skin cells that comprise the top layer of skin. 

Hourglass™ is manufactured exclusively at Grapefruit’s Coachillin facility by highly trained Grapefruit personnel and is available to the public only through Grapefruit authorized retailers.  There is simply no other way possible for the public to obtain the holistic benefits of the disruptive Hourglass experience.


Hourglass™ is a registered trademark of Grapefruit USA, Inc.  All rights reserved. Registration Nos. 02009331 and 02009332.

Hourglass™ Recent Laboratory Test Results

This is the Certificate of Analysis (“COA”) of the THC and Cannabinoid content from our January 22, 2021 test of Hourglass™. We packed the entire cannabis plant into our patented cream to provide users with a wide array of cannabinoids and THC to produce the desired synergistic entourage effect.*  Based on the COA, each jar of Hourglass™ cream has: 430.84mg of Total Cannabinoids, 365.78mg of Total THC and 65.05mg of Total CBD. Further broken down, each Gram of cream has: 40.64mg/g of THC, 7.22mg/g of CBD, 5.38mg/g of CBN, 1.43mg/g of CBG and 1.199mg of Delta8 THC.  These impressive results are consistent from batch to batch and demonstrate the highly concentrated nature of every single gram of our cream.  The architecture of Hourglass™ allows us to formulate endless variations of the cream from Full Spectrum to CBD only, and everywhere in between.