Grapefruit owns and operates a fully licensed and compliant ethanol extraction laboratory in the City of Desert Hot Springs, California. Grapefruit’s extraction lab produces high quality distillate or “Honey Oil” from trim that Grapefruit sources through its Distribution arm. THC Honey Oil is a universal product that is used in everything from infused edibles and tinctures/creams to the substance used in vapes or e-cigarettes.


Grapefruit chose to set up its extraction laboratory in the City of Desert Hot Springs because the City does not tax the manufacturing of the oil produced by Grapefruit at the lab. As a result, Grapefruit has a competitive edge because there is no taxation of its honey oil.

Grapefruit has partnered with several different manufactures in California to efficiently manufacture our edibles and vape products. We do not restrict our needs to a single manufacturer. We maintain solid ongoing relationships with Tier 1 vendors across the cannabis eco-system.